One little poem…

I just heard that one of my poems is being published!  It’s in an anthology of poetry with other writers from the Maryland region.

My poem was inspired by the moment I redefined a good night as: one on which the police didn’t call to say they’d picked up our senior.  

No, not high school senior…

The poem is called Losing Words, written in twenty-eight diminishing lines from the first person point of view of an aging man.  It’s from my collection, Growing Down. You can find it in Life In Me Like Grass On Fire: Love Poems*an MWA book edited by Laura Shovan.
My advice on helping an elderly family member through the aging process is: keep your sense of humor.  

If you’re going to hunt for a lost pair of reading glasses twelve times in one afternoon either way, make it fun!  Use your imagination.  A little competition with prizes is okay!  It’s part of life. You may as well laugh about it.  Be kind to everyone involved, including yourself. Remember how you’d want to be treated, because one day that may be you.  And your kids are watching. šŸ™‚

Life in Me Like Grass On Fire: Love Poems, available at