genius web support

I love to write. I’m frequently seen scribbling in my journal, or typing away on my laptop with a big smile on my face. I don’t even realize I’m grinning. That creative space is one of my happy places.

My competency at web page management, however, would generously be described as “developing”. You’re seeing my new website only because I know my limitations, and when to go to the expert.

My new website was designed by my super-genius web support woman. She was actually smiling, migrating my old Blogger posts to this new website.  She created my first ever website, a few years ago. She’s the lady to whom I turned when it was time to move.

It will take me quite a while to organize the posts from my previous site and publish them all here. There are pieces on shoulder surgery, mindfulness, travel, life, and even thriving in DC beltway traffic. Meanwhile, thank you, women who web, for giving me the freedom to simply write!