Being a Mindful Writer

Why do writers write? Because it isn’t there.
~Thomas Berger, playwright, and author of Little Big Man, Neighbors, and others.

You  know how there are times when your mind is so full of all the things you need to juggle that you forget something important?  So weighted with schedules and tasks that you feel like you did a lot, but nothing well, or completely?  It’s hard to feel creative, and particularly, to write well, when your mind is full of distractions.  That’s one difficulty that mindfulness helps overcome.

Today I found someone who’s addressing the interaction between mindfulness and writing!  Here’s the link: Mindful Writer  I don’t know this writer, and this isn’t a commercial for him. But I’ve read some of his writing, and it’s proof that he’s onto something.

Mindfulness is pretty simple. It’s quieting your mind, and being both relaxed and focused at the same time. Practice helps you focus completely on the present moment, noticing all the little details. You can concentrate on something beautiful, or the way that grape tastes and feels on your tongue. It clears your mind of distraction, creating relaxation, concentration, and creativity. A great state of mind for writing. (Or pretty much anything.)

Here’s a moment of beauty for us both.  And by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Favorite simile ~ more to come…

I’m in the process of bringing my old posts to this new blog. Stay tuned for more (true!) stories like…

  • becoming bicoastal
  • meeting Bigfoot! 
  • the sunny side of being hit by a car on my bike 

For now, my favorite overheard simile: “Living in Maryland in the summer is like being in someone’s mouth.”  ~ Matthew Abbott 🙂